Photography allows us to connect with the world in a way nothing else can.

We believe that a single image has the power to





Particularly for the photographer who creates that single image.

That photographer is the focus of Social Fabric Collective.

Social Fabric Collective is a non-profit organization that provides professional photography equipment, education and inspiration to high school students who are as diverse as they are dynamic.

Students who, as a whole, are denied critical access and exposure to the arts as enrichment programs are continually de-funded and deemphasized at local and national levels.

Each semester, SFC students engage in an intensive series of small group workshops, creative assignments, speaker seminars, field trips, and volunteer projects that challenge them to reach both inward and outward as they examine their identity and community through photography.

Students are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and workstations.

They are inspired by deeply experienced professionals.

They are introduced to new ways of thinking and seeing.

And they are taught from a rigorous curriculum that gives them the freedom and the framework to uncover new passions, contemplate new perspectives, and realize their individual and collective significance.

At their final exhibition gala, drawn together by images that are raw, beautiful, tragic, joyous – students understand why we say that photography is just the medium.

By using the camera as a catalyst for discussion and discovery – for kindling delight and illuminating potential – learning not only to appreciate, but to celebrate the fact that no two eyes see the world the same way, we empower the next generation to take on tomorrow with empathy, authenticity, conviction and courage.

And we strengthen the social fabric that will secure a better world.