As Diverse as they are Dynamic

The Social Fabric Collective experience challenges our students’ assumptions. It inspires them to see the world with empathy. It provides them with the skills to master the art and craft of photography.  Together we prepare this next generation of change agents to tackle their future.

Our students are teenagers enrolled in high school.  They have come from (16) diverse schools and reside as far as an hour away from the Social Fabric Collective studio in Wyoming Pennsylvania.

Our community in Northeastern Pennsylvania is in the heart of America’s Rust Belt. The average annual family income is $32.000 and the unemployment rate is 23%. Students are accepted into the SFC program on a need-blind basis and currently 90% of our students are supported by full scholarships. 

Our students continually exceed our very high expectations:

They find inspiration in places where it’s in short supply.

They challenge prejudices within and discover commonalities with others.

They master the demanding skills required to make photographs.

They produce work that bears witness and conveys great compassion and joy.

Whether our SFC students choose photography as a profession or embrace it as a life-long personal passion, the skills and experience they’ve acquired in the Social Fabric Collective program will last them a lifetime.