July 23 - 27, 2018

Petaluma, CA


OVERVIEW (Petaluma, Ca Workshop)

Ten scholarships available. Monday thru Friday participants meet at Foundry Wharf for an intensive small group workshop with speaker seminars, critiques, and engaging creative exercises that challenge them to reach both inward and outward as they examine their surroundings and each other's communities through photography.  

Each student is loaned their own digital camera for one week in order to explore and execute evening shooting assignments.

This workshop will inspire young people to take notice, take heart, and take hold of their ability to transform themselves and the world.  

No experience is needed.  All camera equipment & materials are provided.  Scholarship and schedule information below.  Must be a high school student.

SCHEDULE (Monday, July 23, 2018 - Friday, July 27, 2018)

  • 9:00am - 11:30am morning lessons (technical and conceptual instruction, creative exercises, photography discussion and slide shows)
  • 11:30am - 12:30pm lunch break (participants provide their own lunch)
  • 12:30pm - 2:30pm afternoon lessons (demonstrations, guest speakers, group critiques of student photographs)
  • 2:30pm - students take camera home (afternoon and evening shooting assignments)
  • TBA - Class Dinner at the end of the week.


  • Dana Hargitay is a highly esteemed international editorial and fashion photographer. Her work has taken her all over the world including Italy, Kenya, Paris, England, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico and many other destinations. In addition to her fashion and editorial photography background, her work includes Celebrity editorial work.
  • Michael B. Woolsey is a storyteller whose aim is to capture authentic moments through the art of documentary photography.  With over 20 years of experience creating images that express the essence of people and moments, he approaches each subject with freshness to create images that capture and celebrate life in whatever form.
  • Tyler Chartier Curious. Obsessive. Passionate. Commercial photographer by day + father by night. For work, Tyler shoots architecture, products and people for regional and national companies – and shoots almost anything for fun. Combining a passion for the craft of photography with intense curiosity, he helps clients tell their stories to create strong, emotional connections with their people.
  • O'Meara Cover is an SFC Board Member and majored in History of Art and Architecture at University of California at Santa Barbara. After graduation she moved to New York City, working at Sothebys, Art in General (a non-profit supporting emerging international artists) and was assistant director at the Curt Marcus Gallery. She spent time working at the Galeria Pelaires in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. O'Meara has a passion for architecture, particularly adaptive re-use of historic buildings. She has overseen various renovation projects at a Modernist hotel in Palm Springs designed by renowned architect, Albert Frey; and the Corliss Engine Factory, in Petaluma, known as Foundry Wharf.  O'Meara is an art docent in the Petaluma City Schools district, and is an ardent supporter of art education.
  • Doug Kaye is a street and travel photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He leads street-photography workshops locally and in Cuba, which he has visited eight times. Doug is the co-host of the gear-review CameraLabs Photography Podcast.
Tyler Chartier-.jpg


Foundry Wharf
625 Second St.
Petaluma Ca, 94952

Foundry Wharf is home to a vibrant community of over fifty tenants including entrepreneurs, artisans and business leaders from a broad mix of industries who enjoy creative, modern, riverfront workspace in Petaluma's historic Downtown Warehouse District.


REGIONAL DATA (Petaluma, Ca)

Population: 59,340
Median Household Income  $80,276 (-.39% decline)
Median Property Value  $460,500
Poverty Rate 9.3%

SCHOLARSHIP LEVELS (Petaluma, Ca Workshop)

Full                  family* income less than $80,000/yr                  Tuition: Free

Mid-Level        family* income less than $150,000/yr           Tuition: $300

Partial             family* income more than $150,000/yr           Tuition: $500


A *family is considered an average of four people. To determine your scholarship level (1) calculate your family's annual income (add the total amount of money your family made last year), (2) divide it by the number of people in your household, (3) multiply that amount by four. (4) The result is your average family income and that number can be used to determine what level scholarship you will receive if you are accepted into the program.

Example of a Mid-Level Scholarship for Petaluma: (1) $90,000 family annual income, (2) divided by three people in a house equals $30,000, (3) times four equals (4) $120,000 average *family income. 


1.  Please fill out the Scholarship Application Form below.  All fields are required unless marked optional.

2.  Please be sure to calculate and select the appropriate scholarship level when completing Section Two.

3.  When finished, click the 'submit' button at the bottom - an automated message will appear on your screen to verify we have received your form and provide a link to print the Student Waiver.  Please read, print, sign, and mail the waiver back in order to complete the application process.

4.  Once your signed Student Waiver is received we will review your entire application.  (Please note: applications with out a signed waiver will not be reviewed and all submissions are considered on a first come, first serve basis.)

  • If you are awarded a space we will notify you via email.

Scholarship Application Form - Petaluma, CA

July 23 - 27, 2018

Section 1 - Contact & Personal information
Name *
Address *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Date of birth. *
Date of birth.
Please use the pull down to select one.
Please ensure you list three of each. Your answers may or may not have anything to do with photography - what you are good at, and in which areas would you like to grow and improve?
A character reference, also known as a personal reference, is a recommendation provided by someone who knows you outside of your family. Rather than speaking to your artistic talents or technical photography skills, personal references help SFC get a better sense of to your character and growth potential. This person should know you well enough to feel comfortable talking about your personality strengths and people skills. Examples include your teacher, school counselor, mentor, coach, or an employer. NOT A FAMILY MEMBER. Example John Doe, Teacher, (707) 555-5555 (Name , relationship to scholarship application, & phone number).
Section 2 - Scholarship Inform
Questions 2a - 2c below are optional - if it helps, use them to calculate what level scholarship you qualify for if you are accepted in to the program.
(The total amount of money earned by everyone in your household as reflected on your most recent U.S. Federal Income Tax Form)
(How many family members living in your house are supported by this income?)
Example A: 2a.) $40,000 2b.) 5 people $40,000/5 = $8,000 $8,000 x 4 = $32,000 (Full Scholarship) Example B: 2a.) $90,000 2b.) 3 people $90,000/3 = $30,000 $30,000 x 4 = $120,000 (Mid Level Scholarship) Example C: 2a.) $200,000 2b.) 5 people $200,000/5 = $40,000 $40,000 x 4 = $160,000 (Partial Scholarship)
REQUIRED - Please select your scholarship level *
(Use the number you calculated from 2c and check the appropriate option below)
(Optional) If you are interested in sharing the remaining cost of the classes, please state the amount you would like to contribute.
Please Note: No additional financial information is needed at this time, however, to maintain the integrity of scholarship program you may be asked to submit a copy of your recently filed U.S. federal income tax return (Form 1040) as a condition of the final selection process. This tax return will be used for evaluation purposes only, and its contents will remain confidential. If you are self-employed, a Schedule C or Schedule K-1 form must be submitted along with the first two pages of your 1040.
Section 3 - Submit your Registration Form
Please click on the 'SUBMIT' button bellow to complete the form. An automated message will appear on screen to verify that all the required fields are complete and we received your information. Choose the link for student waiver (or adult waiver if over 18). The final step is to print, sign and mail the student waiver: Social Fabric Collective 312 Wyomng Avenue Wyoming, PA 18644 Questions: